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Warsaken® Genesis of Conflict : Set 001

Warsaken® Genesis of Conflict : Set 001

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The Warsaken Genesis of Conflict set is your all-in-one command center for the Warsaken universe. Engage in classic Standard play, fast-paced Blitz mode, or embark on solo Cabal missions. This inaugural physical set, brimming with 1,236 holofoil cards and essential accessories, is designed for dynamic gameplay and endless strategies. With materials crafted for durability and a box designed for organization, including space for sleeved cards, it's a testament to tactical mastery and the art of war. Elevate your tabletop experience and join the ranks of Warsaken generals.

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Box includes:

  • 1,236 Holofoil cards
  • 18 counter trays
  • 162 counter tiles
  • 8 empty draft boxes
  • 1 d6 die
  • 1 solo game mat

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