Warsaken® Digital Elite Pack : Savage Escalation : WAX

Warsaken® Digital Elite Pack : Savage Escalation : WAX

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Digital Collectible Card Pack

Join the elite! Savage Escalation ushers the battle to uncharted territories, empowering you to maximize the potential of your decks like never before.

Visit https://warsaken.cards/store/00003-001 to purchase with WAX.

Approximate odds per item of finding better than Common, Uncommon, or Rare: Foil Prime 1:3, Foil Prime (G-Force) 1:86, Foil Prime (Infinite) 1:86, Camo 1:4, Camo (G-Force) 1:68, Camo (Infinite) 1:68, Hex Tech 1:3, Hex Tech (G-Force) 1:100, Hex Tech (Infinite) 1:100, Night Vision 1:5, Night Vision (G-Force) 1:858, Night Vision (Infinite) 1:858, Hacked 1:11, Smoke Noir 1:16, 24K Gold 1:18, Thermal Ash 1:29, Blood Foil 1:124, Blood Foil (G-Force) 1:6,000, Blood Foil (Infinite) 1:6,000 . 2x Full Art (Resource) cards guaranteed in each pack. Some cards that can be upgraded won't change rarity but will receive more XP. Approximate odds are generated at the time of template creation. Stated odds reflect an average; no ratio is guaranteed to exist within an individual item. Eclectic Nerds LLC and EN Digital LLC do not, in any manner, make any representations as to whether its cards, NFTs, or Loot token will attain any future value.
All sales are final. Warsaken® cards are designed for gameplay; not as investment vehicles. Eclectic Nerds LLC and EN Digital LLC representatives and agents do not provide financial advice; always conduct your own research. Each player must have a valid 65-card deck of Warsaken cards to play. Art is subject to change. Eclectic Nerds LLC and EN Digital LLC are not responsible for typographical/image errors.
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