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Warsaken® Counters + Trays : 8x

Warsaken® Counters + Trays : 8x

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The Warsaken Counters are an essential tool for any tactician. These dual-sided tiles, with varying number pairs, allow you to meticulously track damage, time costs, and other crucial in-game metrics like morale and intel. With a lightweight tray for organization and transport around the table, these molded plastic counters ensure precise gameplay without risking your cards. Their light construction and careful design make them a seamless addition to the warzone.

  • Dual-sided for diverse tracking
  • Includes special intel and morale symbols
  • Lightweight tray for easy table movement
  • Durable, card-friendly plastic
  • 72x tiles
    • 24x - 0/9
    • 16x - 1/2
    • 2x of 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, intel / morale
  • 8x trays

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