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Warsaken® Construction Set Instructions : 00000 : Roman's Prototype : Gray

Warsaken® Construction Set Instructions : 00000 : Roman's Prototype : Gray

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NOTE: INSTRUCTIONS ONLY. Building bricks not included.

Bring the lore to life with the Roman's Prototype Construction Set. Get step-by-step building instructions and the parts list XML for BrickLink, allowing you to recreate this iconic mech suit at approximate scale.

Instructions are emailed to the same email address used at checkout. Please check your junk folder if you don't see them before reaching out to support.

Get a significant discount on the unique card "Steelbound Surge" when you add this and 4x of "Steelbound Surge" to your cart.

Designed by Brick Squad Designs (@bricksquaddesigns)

Eclectic Nerds® LLC and its property, Warsaken®, are in no way affiliated with BrickLink® or Lego®. The use of the provided instructions is entirely at the discretion of the user. No warranty, express or implied, is offered with these instructions, and Eclectic Nerds LLC disclaims any liability for damages or injuries resulting from their use.

These instructions are intended to assist users in building a custom Lego set. It is important to note that this custom set may not align with Lego’s traditional values, particularly as it pertains to its war-themed content. Users are responsible for ensuring that their use of these instructions complies with any applicable local laws and regulations.
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